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Chokers and earrings made of denthallium shells

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  • Chokers and earrings made of denthallium shells

    Please help me!

    Do you have any advice on how to make a choker or earrings with denthallium shells.
    They are fragile, so what do I have to bear in mind?
    Any ideas?
    Please help me out!

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    When I made them, first I sorted the shells into groups by lenght and made sure the shells were free of the remains of their former occupants:) Since the shell weren't all the "right" lenght, I used a pair of chain nose pliers (like small smooth jawed needle nosed) to break bits of shell off to even them up. I usually took off bits of the naroow end, unless this was all ready too large to look good.

    I made spacers from lightweight tooling leather and punched the holes with a small awl. I strung them on artifical sinew and attached them to earwires. If I were doing it now, I'd cover the knot with a crimp bead to make them look better. And I'd use a different earing wire, those things are 9" long and an 1" wide and a bit weighty.

    As for fragile, you aren't kidding. Mine have battle scars from an encounter with a "lady" at show, who thought she'd pick them up for a look without asking my permission -- I was wearing them and walking away at the time.

    Now, I was told you have to be a proper lady to wear them. Has anyone else ever heard this or was my grandfather trying to get me to behave?

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      i used a jewelers saw with extra fine blades and an exacto mitre box to cut them to identical lenghths, and then a jewelers file to file the ends if need be. extremely fragile! Orrs Trading Post if they are still around, have some awesome dentalium... some of those smoooooth old style ones with the greenish cast... beautiful. Keep clear of the cheep polynesian dentalium that have the vertical ridges.


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        Well, I made my first choker with dents!
        It was a very hard work, since I had to adjust the length of each shell.
        The pic is not very good, since I actually scanned it in.
        But I'm very proud of my work.
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        Live each and every day of your life as though it would be your last!


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