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Breastplates, Belts and lots of ideas....

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  • Breastplates, Belts and lots of ideas....

    I am needing some guidance or information in making hubby a breastplate. I have one of my own but the straight dancer and men's breastplates are different than what we ladies wear. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any information or a "Pattern" of sorts that they could share.

    Also I have a great loom piece of beadwork- about 30 inches long and 3 inches wide that was given to us and I want to make a belt out of it. I have some soft buckskin left over from the leggings project that I know I could use. I also know I can wait until next weeke and go to Ponca and get a heavy strip at sharp's...either way do i just sew it on at teh edges or do I sew it all over or what? i am assuming I can use the sinew as I have been using with the leggings and other recent leather projects..any other ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I made a man's breastplate once. Piece of cake.

    Cut 3 strips of latigo or other stiff leather however long you want it. (up and down)
    And punch holes going down so your bones will lay nicely side by side with just a little gap.

    If you have artificial sinew, cut enough pieces for each row with an overhang of about 6 inches on each side. Tie a knot up 6 inches, thread it thru the first piece of latigo, then string on your beads and bones, go thru the middle latigo, repeat with beads and bones, go thru the last piece and tie another large knot.

    Then you can put on some ties and fix a way to hang it over his neck. Lots of different ways you can do that.

    As for the belt, you could even sew it onto some cloth and save your nice buckskin for ties or something. And just sew the edges. On something that large I suggest cutting a piece of stiff canvas just slightly smaller than your beadwork (or double a thinner canvas) and covering that with a nice cotton. Make sure all raw edges are under the beadwork. Then lay your beadwork on top and whip stitch the edges. Depending on how you want your ties, you could just sew buckskin ties on the edges later. is what it is...


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      Just a quick note. Make sure you sort the hairpipe so that they are the same size per vertical row. That way the breastplate looks even.
      Finishing the sides is a personal choice. I made one with no side decoration once and extra long. We finished the bottom of that one with longer rows of beads so they formed a horizonal ). The top we did in beads to form an upside down V and used wide ties to distribute to weight better.


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