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Ordering beads from Fargo....HELP!!

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  • Ordering beads from Fargo....HELP!!

    I'm planning on ordering beads from "The Beadin' Path" in Fargo, ND for an outfit that I am working on. I am from Canada and the reason I'm planning on ordering from across the border is because I can't find these beads anywhere up here!!

    Anyway, I know what I want, how much I want, as well as how much they cost. Now...what I am what types of sales taxes are applicable in ND? And what are the rates? The reason I ask, is so I can figure out the total cost of what I need. I would call down there, but its the wknd now, and its killing me to wait until next week! I won't have to worry about paying duties at the border or anything because I am having them mailed to an address down there (not sure if they do cross border shipments anyway). Is there anyone out there who can tell me what kind of taxes they have on sales down there? Also, I can't seem to find (on their website) what they charge for shipping & handling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

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    Here in most of the states when one buys something mail order from a company that isn't from the same state they are in then sales tax is not charged. With that said however you need to understand that you might have to pay a duty to the Canadian government (i.e., customs dept.) I do not know what your countries policies are on this. I just know that it is often a problem folks have. I sold a roach to a guy from England for $300 and he had to pay another 180 quid on top of that in duty. Check with your customs folks, not sure what the rate is and with NAFTA who knows.

    Hope that helps

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      Re: Ordering beads from Fargo....HELP!!

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by cree_iskwew
      [B]I'm planning on ordering beads from "The Beadin' Path" in Fargo, ND for an outfit that I am working on. I am from Canada and the reason I'm planning on ordering from across the border is because I can't find these beads anywhere up here!!

      Maybe, i can help ya...
      We've got beads over here in the Netherlands, their 2mm and in different sizes and colours.

      Let me know ok?


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        The Beadin Path Website

        I order beads from them. They'll ship COD or credit card however you want them to ship they'll do it. I'm from Montana and I didn't pay ND taxes.

        The Phone number is also on the website.

        Good Luck:) :)


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          Thanks for your help guys! I appreciate it. Buuut, I think since Christmas is just around the corner my beads are going to have to wait until after that!! But I will definately keep your suggestions in mind!

          [email protected] - pm me your email addy and I'll send you a pic of those beads and a little more info! Thanx

          Thanx again peepz!!


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