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  • Baby Cradleboard (Cree)

    Does anyone know how to make a "cree" baby cradleboard? Is there any websites where I can view one.

    I am also looking for instructions of how to sew a moss bag?

    I asked my mother who is an elder and she can't remember.
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    I am not sure what kind you are talking about...I know on the east coast there were shirts and bags woven from a type of tree moss...but all I can find on the web is bags for carrying moss..hence the links..
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      Eagle, I know exactly what you are talking about. My friend is part Cree and she has a moss bag for her little one right now. I can ask her Aunt who made it for her if she has a pattern or anything like that. Why dont you PM me your email addy and I will see what I can do for you :)



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        By the Way, I also asked what a moss bag was when my friend said that she had one for her newborn. It's a Cree baby bag, that is often decorated with embroidered flowers or beadwork and they would put the baby inside it and it was stuffed with Moss for softness. They are quite pretty bags for babies. I have a picture of my nephew in it, but you cant see the exact detailing. I will see if I can take a picture of him in it so I can post it :)


        Dont take my word on the accuracy of this though. I am not Cree, so Im just stating what I have been told. :)


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          Moss bag

          I have made a few moss bags.

          Where I am from they are called baby-boats.

          They can be made out of almost any type of material. The paticular kind that I have made are of courderoy with a flannel lining, and laced with buckskin.

          The moss bags are basically a baby board with out the board - the bag itself.

          The length is usually about 22-23 inches for a newborn. The circumfrance was probably no more than 16 inches. It is all made of one piece, kind of cut on the fold.

          This is another one of those projects that there are really no patterns. I have seen a lot of posts on this board where if you don't know how to make a particular pattern -- practice on paper sacks instead of wasting tons of fabric until you get the project to look the way you want.

          Hope I helped.

          Some of my spelling may be bad........I couldn't find spell check!! ;)


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            Originally posted by View Post
            Does anyone know how to make a "cree" baby cradleboard? Is there any websites where I can view one.

            I am also looking for instructions of how to sew a moss bag?

            I asked my mother who is an elder and she can't remember.
            Hey, how are you. Please feel free to check out my website in regards to moss bags and cradleboards! Contact myself with any questions u may have> thanks


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              What's your website address? Please post it unless you're selling stuff on it.
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