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  • Banners and advertisements????

    What are good signs for your tent? What should i do? Should i decorate it? should i make a comercial sign? Are hand made signs okay? should i have buisness cards and flyers? Do i need documentation of my blood quantum when selling or is this voluntary info when asked? Do i need to advertise that or leave it out? thankx a bunch.

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    A good readable sign helps with the word of mouth. If you have something nice that people what, it's hard if they don't know how to refer other folks to you.

    If business cards are too pricey at the start, get a rubber stamp and stamp you bags or receipts, especially if you are willing to deal with mail orders.

    I'd be prepared to provide if resquested by the committee proof that you are complying with IACA. Also you may need a copy of your state tax ID number. Personally, I make sure I have Xeroxs and not the originals, in case something happened.

    Don't forget lots of water and cough drops or hard candy since you may be doing way more talking than you're used to. Whenever I do demos or teach and have to do a lot of talking I get hoarse, those can be life savers.


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      if you have an enrollment card, cdib or tribal letter stating you are native, then yeah, zerox or have it handy. Not all powwows require you be native to vend, but if you advertise as native made, or even just say native made... you'd better be able to prove it because of the native american craft act. Do you have a computer printer since you apparently have a computer? Type up your name and number and or addy and made business cards on your computer. You can buy pre-cut (just punch out after printing) card stock for business cards at walmart or you can print them on plain paper and cut them out (not as nice looking but I've found can be just as effective). if not a card, make a small flyer they can take instead with the same information and maybe your pic and a small list of who you are and what you make. I really like OL's idea about the stamp and bags... but I recycle all my grocery shopping plastic so that does'nt really help me there... LOL. I print out business cards on the computer.
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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        Great ideas

        Thank you for the great ideas, i think i will use a stamp and probobly the card stock from wal mart. I never even thought of having bags or recipts for my customers. Dont know what i would do with out you guys. Thanx


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          You probably know this, but you can get pre-printed receipt books at office supply places. And don't forget a cheap calculator:)


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            I have a calculator that prints out left over from being a Tuperware person years ago. I use that and then just print what was sold in a notebook with a complete inventory listed in it.

            As for a sign you can use canvas and handpaint a sign on it then spray with a sealer as I've seen one lady do. Or I've used a foam board with pictures printed off the computer then just placed and clear tape over the whole thing to help water proof it. Then I hang that off the tent with S hooks. I've handpainted, and had professionaly done signs. Either way it's less expensive if you do it yourself.

            I also not only use left over WalMart Bags, but also use lunch bags with hand stamps all over them and a adress lable for smaller gift style bags.

            The more Pow Wows, and craft shows you do, the more ideas you will get for your booth. Just make sure it's your own design and not someone elses.


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