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  • Powwow Project 101

    OK I decided to start a new thread one that will pertain to any and all ideas from everyone. Webmaster has brought to my attention that maybe some of your would like to start small to see how everything would run. I have put that into consideration and decided to start a poll with this have any and all people who wish to help in this project to vote on wether you'd like to start off small by perhaps making individual items or if you would like to just wing it and go all out on making a total outfit with all the trimmings. I am up for making the outfit, but I don't want to start something if we all aren't sure on wether we won't to put the time in on it that it may and will require to get the project rolling along and someday finished.( We all know an outfit is never finished ) but atleast this will get someone looking and feeling good when they enter the arena.
    First things first....
    1.) We have to decide on what sex the outfit will be for.
    2.) We will have to study while at any and all powwows that we go to, to see what age of children are dancing. We can then decide on what size to make the outfit depending on what age the child is, although no one person is the same size...
    3.) We will have to take a list of all the people that truely want to help with this project, there will be alot of time that will have to be put in on the outfit itself. ALthough there is no limit on how little or how much time and work you put into the outfit...We just ask that each person help with bringing it all together.
    4.) Each person that is in on the project will have to consider they will have to send out the item to the next person..wrapped securely and will have to pay their own postage.
    5.) Nothing is to be taken off the outfit unless granted permission by the person who put it on or unless voted by all those who have helped with the outfit.
    6.) The order in which the outfit would rotate...I thought that perhaps we could make up some kind or contest and then send the outfit in the order from top to bottom?
    7.) I have had some very good suggestion from a few people on here on what should be done with the outfit when it is "finished". One would be to put it up for auction on ebay instead of doing a raffle at a powwow in this way you would widen the chances or hundereds of people seeing it and open the birth for many more bidders to bid on it. Second you could have a contest of some sort and present to the winner. But the main idea for this project was to bring people from many different nations together and work on creating an awsome outfit. Perhaps put a little of something from each of their tribes. And then raffle or aution it off and then take the money and give it to a charity or good cause. In doing it that way you not only give someone an awsome outfit you also help out a charity with what money is raised.

    These are some of the ideas that I have so far and some that other people have mentioned to me. This thread is open for all ideas. Don't be afraid to mention any of them no matter how big or small or far fetched they may seem. This thread is also a roll call for everyone that wants to be included in on the project a simple yes at this time will include you on everything that happens from this point on..e.g ideas and decisions etc...
    Start off small with individual items.
    Just wing it and go for the whole outfit!
    Haven't made up my mind..
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    i like the idea. but also, we will have to decide on colors and such. but i like it and i'll do some beadwork for it, if you'll have me.

    but do not think that ebay would be a good idea, cause if we want it to go to someone that can not afford to do the work than how can they afford to buy it on ebay. just a thought.


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      Here's just a thought, but what if the EBay proceeds went to to offset some of the costs such as web-hosting and tech support ? Hmmmm, just a thought. I'd be in for it though :)


      Or why dont we raffle it off at Gatherings or something ? Another thought.


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        First let me say, I think this is a great idea!

        Some of my concerns are about the logistics of building an entire outfit. What if a piece gets lost, what if someone's work gets damaged, what if someone takes several months.

        The moderators here are working on something and are sending somethings to each other. There are just a few of us and this has been going on for about 6 months. So it could take an very long time to build the outfit.

        I have two suggestions.

        First, let's start with indiviaul outfit pieces or individual crafts. Have some people make some beaded items, shirts, chokers, rosettes, scalp feathers, etc. will soon be opening up a Pow Wow Store. I'll sell these items and donate the money to a charity.

        Second, decide on an outfit, but assign each part to a different person. This would avoid the need to send the outfit to each person. The crafter would send the finished item to me instead.

        Or of course, we can do both!
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          Originally posted by Sweet Syilx
          Here's just a thought, but what if the EBay proceeds went to to offset some of the costs such as web-hosting and tech support ? Hmmmm, just a thought. I'd be in for it though :)


          Or why dont we raffle it off at Gatherings or something ? Another thought.
          I love this idea ;)

          But although it does cost quite a bit to run this site, I think this project would do more good by sending the proceeds to a charity.

          I have some things coming that will help offset the costs here.
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            This is a perty cool idea, but Jammer, your still a nerd :p Jokes!!! U Know Im jussa messin!!!

            I actually really like the idea of the profit going to But If it does go to a charity, lets make sure its a native one.....for reallys yall:)
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              Webmaster I like the idea of sending the finished items to you. I really didn't think about perhaps an item being lost or damaged. It would definetly cut costs on shipping a box around to each individual. And talk about the money going to either charities or to pay for the upkeep of this site. Perhaps we could send 3/4 of the money to a charity and the other 1/4 to help here? That way we would be helping 3 different ways. Also as pointed out if we are wanting to help someone get an outfit why would we auction it to the highest bidder. Well I didn't think of that. Its true that some of us out here don't have the money to do such things. So maybe raffleing it at maybe gon would be a good idea. I don't know. All the ideas will help to bring us closer to what we are going to do and what we need to do. We can't start anything until all the facts have been layed out on the table and throughly gone through. Also something that I pointed out to someone was that if we do start a project on making the outfit that perhaps we could right a little biography on how the outfit was constructed and have each persons tribe on the signature. When you think about it, it would seem like a gathering of nations outfit. :)
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                Got Jammer all into the GON idea now. He must know Im gonna be huntin for him....LOL

                Gaaah!!! Yeah but for reallys I think some of the cash should go to, fo sho, that would be really decent
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                  Well the poll shows that so far the majority wants to start off small.... so unless there are any others out there that want to start off big ya better cast your vote...other wise everyone will be given the go ahead with their individual items and with the webmaster opening a store hopefully we will see items being sold.
                  There should be a law against stupid people being able to breed!


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                    So here is another issue for you.

                    What charity do you want the proceeds of this money to go to?

                    Do we want to just give all of it for a year to x charity. Or save up for several months until we get y amount and then accept applications for the $$.

                    Or what?
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                      Jammer I think this is a really great idea! I'm just learning about my heritage and how to do beadwork. I'm currently working on my first tradish outfit, but I would be willing to do some beadwork or help in any other way that I can. I will keep an eye out or just send me a message and let me know.


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                        Good idea webmaster... In my opinion I would save up and and then do the application. As fas as what charity it should go to I'm not up to beat on what charities are flying these days. So I as and individual will have to do some research before I can voice my opinion on that.

                        I am glad for the ideas and opinions that have been shared so far but there are alot of others out here on this board that could blow a little hot air this way...the table is looking a little bare at the moment....come on yall put down the fry bread for a sec and say something.

                        Alaskashadowwolf right now from what I gather and by looking at the poll. I think that we are going to start off small with individual items. You are more than welcome to make a little something or big something and put it up in the store. And when and if we do go for the whole outfit you are more than welcome to put some time in. :) Now if we can just get some other people on here to get a little more active!
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                          I say donate it to Danielle Schenandoah Patterson and her kids.

                          You could always donate to large charities, but I believe it would also make a difference by helping the ones (you can get to) that need it (I'm not trying to take away the importance in the role of the organizations supplying assistance to and for our people).

                          Not only that, offer some scholarships to Native youth that are trying to do something positive? How about Native Youth Centers? How about feeding the elder folks or paying for gas money to get them back and forth to the doctors office? A grant to help cover their meds or bills? Possibilities are endless. Don't limit yourself to organizations.....there's always the capability to do something straight out and in a good way.

                          Just a few ideas.
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                            Yes this is a great idea!!! i would love to make small sewed things or beadwork!!! i love doing it!

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                              okay charity or fund raising if u were going to make an outfit/regalia for a child or someone who cant buy any regaila how do u expect to have the $ to send to an organization? u cant sell it to a person in need and have $ for charity lol -so i guess is is going to be fundraising by selling small stuff right? at store okay cool what kind of stuff is wanted or needed just anything small? or what a person want to donate?


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