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  • Moccs

    Hey yall. I beaded my moccs now I'm just trying to figure out how to sew the sole on. I got the sole all cut out and everything. My mom is the one who usually does this for me :p but she's not here to do it. PLEASE!!! Some one help me out here!
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    Hi Samatha, Look in the Beadwork section - there's a thread about mocs from the beginning of Nov there. If you need explanation of my post, or have more questions I'll be happy to help you out. is what it is...


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    • creegrandma
      by creegrandma
      I was looking to see if someone could help me with directions and patterns for a cradleboard. I am going to be a Grandma for the 5th time and my cousin who made cradleboards for my other grandchildren is no where to be found. I would love to make a board for my new grandbaby. I have the board I just...
      05-18-2000, 02:05 PM
    • badwarrior03
      Need some one to bead for me.
      by badwarrior03
      I am trying to do my first project but i am not able to get my beading right. can some one help me and find someone who can do this for me? i got a pattern just dont got the time or skills right now.

      02-02-2006, 03:15 AM
    • SingingDeer
      Unusual or Non-traditional style beadwork
      by SingingDeer
      Do you have any unusual beadwork projects out there that you'd like to show off???

      Maybe you'd like to learn how to make some unusual or non-traditional beading?

      Are there other beaders out there who make "beaded beads"???

      Please feel free to post...
      06-07-2005, 03:49 PM
    • Steffan Redhawk
      Needing help with beadwork
      by Steffan Redhawk
      My family who hasn't passed, either has no interest in the circle anymore, or are too aged to do it.

      My auntie, who loves to, has other commitments, and is unable to help.

      I've got to redo my mocs (after 6.5 years, they're fallin apart), my backapron needs done, my vest...
      07-17-2007, 02:47 PM
    • short apache girl
      i need a good deal on a beadwork set.
      by short apache girl
      Hello i have seen all the pretty beadwork on here. I am single mom who has no time on my hands. I need someone to give me a good offer to make a beaded rossatte and hair ties. i really need to update my stuff. I really have alittle list of things i need beaded, but this is a start. Maybe later some...
      03-10-2011, 03:20 AM



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