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    I have a small question concerning ribbon work. How to you keep the ends of ribbons that are hanging from unraveling and fraying. Like on a ribbon shirt. It is probably something very simple and I just can't see it.
    Many Thank in advance

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    first use crimping shears to cut the ends...that is how they did it the old fashioned way I believe...and or you can use fray check..but don't like soak them in it..just take a paint brush and paint it on the very edge of the fabric...otherwise it can leave a stain that looks like the ends are wet.
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      ribbon work

      Thanks Blackbear,
      That is a big help.


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        ribbon work

        Another suggestion to help keep ribbon from fraying: use a product called "fraycheck". A clear liquid that can be applied to the ends of ribbon cuts.
        It is available at most fabric stores.


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          The easiest thing to do is singe the ends. I use a candle and bring the edge of the ribbon up to the edge of the flame. Watch carefully and you'll see the edge of the ribbon "seize up". Don't get too close or leave it to long or it will burn.

          This is the way to go if you have a lot of ribbon to do, like fringe on a shawl.

          (The only kind of ribbon this won't work on is 100% silk ribbon.)
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            if you don;t want to spend money on fray check, if you have a tea light candle or any kind of candle... or a lighter you can melt the ends so that they won't unravel like what was Said!
            .... I do it this way and i think it is easier when you are in desperate quick need!

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