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  • Applique sewing

    Got a new sewing machine for xmas, want to do a lot of ribbonwork and applique t-dresses and shirts.

    anyone have any pointers and tricks of the trade? like best material for applique, what type of stitching is best, wonderunder or not, designs, etc.

    i have a friend who made an awesome shirt but one of the colors ended up running when he sweat in it. than there is the applique that starts fraying on the edge of the designs, ive seen some things that were too stiff because of too much wonderudner or bonding glue. these are all the things im trying to avoid.

    do you cut the design out first and sew it or should you "sew the design" and than trim the the material?
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    have you sewn before BJJB?
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      Some tips

      First of all you will get better as you go and you will find what works for you may not work for someone else or vise versa. I use wonder under I love it what makes things a bit stiff is the tearaway stitching & stablelizer. As far as material i use normaly what ever is on sale ,and I have at times washed material before i sewed with it if i thought it would run. I like satin and taffeta for T-dresses and blouses ,and for skirts i use a material that wont wrinkle as easy , I dont like sitting down and getting up and having huge creases from where i had been sitting. As for stitching I use a tight satin stitch to go around the edges of my applique and it looks real pretty just keep a steady hand and dont rush and you will do great. Designs I use both tradish and ones that come to my head it depends on what im doing .There was one skirt I designed came from a paint stincil I saw at wal-mart I liked the edge it had on it took it home pulled out my material gave it a few native touches on it and wolla a awsome skirt! Have fun and sew away! Hope I helped a bit
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        If you're a beginning sewer, I suggest getting some white paper and trace some lines and curves on it and practice sewing and stay on the lines. is what it is...


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          Thanks everyone.

          Im not a beginner, I know my way around a sewing machine. My wife sews and her mom makes wedding dresses, curtains, bed spreads, quilts, etc etc. she is rather impressed by my projects in the past but she always yells at me because I usually dont change the bobbin color and never completely match thread to fabric. it drives her nuts.
          There are 2 types of people in the world...
          Really stupid people who think they are smart
          Really smart people who think they are smart.


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            Applique Ribbon Artist

            Well i have been doing ribbon work for at least 8 years. I think the best way to learn is to learn everything on your own that way you can't say any taught me. It is first best to research the past and the present work that all tribes are creating. I have been to different shows and other tribes have told me that alot of the work thay do are family oriented designs. I learned with little tips from different people around the country. I will try to share some ideas.


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              I'm the opposite James.. if someone who's experienced would love to save me some tears and frustration, then I would rather learn from them. Yeah there's pride in being self taught... but there's also pride in learning from the experienced, especially an older family member :) . Good things get passed down that way and I'm not just talking sewing techiniques.

              BJJB.. wow, this is a conversation that could go on for a long time... for me it would be easier if you could ask your questions one at a time. It helps me keep from mind wandering onto other things. As for best materials for applique.. I'm learning you can use almost ANY material for applique but you have to make compromises for it along the way. Like on my daughters new outfit I'm sewing this week.. I wanted to use this real thin, plastic like irridescent see through material in parts. I melted two peices thinking it was just my iron setting before I figured out the stuff was basically made of plastic or thin polyester... man made anyhow. So I heat and bonded a piece of stiff cotton muslin on both sides, then turned it over on top of the material (backing removed on one side only) and ironed it from that side onto the cotton. I cut out the design and then peeled of the backing on the other side of the cotton, and used the backing from the side I put on the design (cause it was'nt cut) and put it over the material that would melt and ironed it onto yoke that way... so the iron did'nt touch the material directly and the cotton stabelized it from shrinking up... also makes it easier to stitch up.
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                applique artist

                Well this morning is a new and bright day. Good Morning Everybody. I would first like to say thank you for responding to my reply. I was reading about what you wrote, and it is true what you are saying. I think that all things are meant to be passed on from genearation to generation because that way all these crafts and old traditional designs won't be forgoten. I would also like to say it takes alot of time and practice to get everything together and the way that you want it. Designs and techniques will come to you and once it does you will get so envolved in ribbonwork. This art will take you to many places around the country as has it has done for me and my family. I would also like to say that i started out with using Heat n bond lite. I also found out that ironing and folding from the back of the ribbon was the best way it worked for me. The iron would also have to be set at Silk setting that way the glue would not bleed through the ribbon. Just heating the ribbon enough that the glue gets tacky. The material i like to use is Moire Taffeta and some time some polyester materials. I hope some of this information well be helpful.


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                  Whoa!! I know NOTHING about ribbon work. I didn't realize you use heat and bond on it. Hey, I think I can handle that. (But of course, I'm a wonder under fan)
         is what it is...


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                    Applique Artist

                    Well everyone has there different techniques. I have also seen people use no heat n bond and also using washable glue sticks just to hold down the ribbon while you sew them on.


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                      You can make appliques out of many thin, non-knit materials but most common are satin, taffeta, polyester, sequin fabric, metallic non-stretch fabric and other sythetics. Pure acetate is cheap but it wears poorly. The material you use will depend on what you are making and whether you want a traditional looking result or a modern one.

                      Depending on the amount of layering and or stiffness I need, I use different types of bonding materials or stabilizers. Heat n Bond Lite is good for a lot of things that require some stiffness. WonderUnder and other fusible interfacings are good for when you don't want so much stiffness. So iron on your interfacing. Draw out your designs. Cut them out.

                      When you sewing onto a light piece of fabric which needs temporary stabilizing just so the fabric doesn't bunch up, I iron a piece of plastic coated freezer paper to the back. After sewing, it rips right off.

                      Depending on wther you have one or double sided bonding on your appliques, you can either iron them onto your base fabric or use a glue stick or pins to hold them in place as you sew.

                      Yes, use a tight, medium width satin or zigzag stitch for sewing your appliques down. If you are new to applique sewing, avoid designs with small or tight curves. It is hard to sew these smoothly.

                      That should be enough to get you started.


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                        thanks again.

                        hey czechy, i think i met you a few years ago at NPW.

                        I have a design which i would like to post as soon as my wife figures out the colors. it will be the designs for a T-dress made with red dragonfly brocade. the design is basic but i want to make sure i dont match anyone out there who may have something close.

                        i am also going to use it on something for me so we can match.

                        i have also been interested in straight dance ribbonwork for a while and will start some of that soon.

                        right now im just getting a feel for the new machine and its stitches (scraps come in handy)
                        There are 2 types of people in the world...
                        Really stupid people who think they are smart
                        Really smart people who think they are smart.


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                          im posting a rough colored pic of my design in the gallery
                          There are 2 types of people in the world...
                          Really stupid people who think they are smart
                          Really smart people who think they are smart.


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                            I like the Heat Bond idea - haven't tried that. I have always used ruber cement when I cut and fold the ribbons, when I'm done anything that "spilled over" I just rub off.


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                              Hmm.. I like your idea of using rubber cement but have to ask.. how difficult do you find it to sew through?
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