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  • hawkin
    Crow loop is'nt that hard to make..specially if you've made
    a choker. Bout the same altogether. Just lay out your design
    and start threading..can thread each strand seperately and
    tie off each side using a bead, or tie off using a precut fringe.
    I've made mine by doing some research and studying the pic's.

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  • Blackbear

    well here is a kit you can buy..but mainly wanted to show you the picture... does'nt look to different from a breastplate except that it is let to hang down in the middle instead of having the middle spacer piece... <--- but then here is the instructions for making one for you
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  • Martin
    Guest started a topic Do you know how to ??

    Do you know how to ??

    Does anyone one here know how to build a crow loop necklace
    cause i'm looking to make one for my grass outfit
    Thanks for any help you can give

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