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  • Question About Dance Fan

    I have a question about dance fans and would appreciate any feed back.
    OK I made a fan and I used "found" wild turkey feathers on my dad's property, and a few peacock feather's from a friends farm.
    now here is the thing instead of the regular wood handle I used a Turtle shell.
    I am wondering if this is acceptable to use at powwow or should I keep it for deco. and make a more Traditional one.
    The feathers in this one mean alot to me because me the hubby and kids found them on a walk on dads land. I know wild turkey feathers are acceptable i'm just concerned about the handle (the idea behind the turtle shell was to represent Turtle island.....)

    K. thats the question.....anyone? anyone?.......
    :35: :2: :)

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    i would have to say keep it for decoration, some people on the circuit may have a problem with it. me personally, i don't mind either way


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      i say bring it and show it off 1st ask the head mc if any objection would be given if u could use it but i say if it is special to u and has relation to your tribe go for it,... it really couldnt be a major insult unless some one told u it was their totem or summin i would like to see a pic of the fan. (but that is just me)


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        hey, I see that u live in the boonies of Missouri too cool so do I-- i live in texas county Missouri.


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          Texas county home of hillbillies,rednecks,and the kkk its wild here lol <---glad im not any of these


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            use it!

            like others have said use it enless you run along somebody who has a problem with it. wich you shouldnt but you never know. Ive never heard of Texas county mo. is that by the Ozarks? My hubby has kin in Springfield mo is any wheres close?
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