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Crafting for giveaway baskets

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  • Crafting for giveaway baskets

    I was wondering if someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction for figuring out how to make this:

    (it's one of those "virtual" pictures that you can drag around, zoom in on, etc)

    I've checked with everyone I know from back home and either it's a "lost" art or I haven't found the right one to ask!

    I have a little over a year to get things finished and I really like the way this little pine needle basket looks. It looks kind of like using coiled grasses, but I never learned how to make those. I have found places to collect the needles (dry and then soaked? green?) and several trees that give an abundance of miniature pine cones - just need the know-how.

    I've got about 3 months to figure this out but since I also know how to make ash baskets I can always default to that skill to hold the projects I'm making.

    So anyone?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I saw a woman make these during a basketry class back in the day. She soaked her dried needles and used color threads for the stitching.

    Here are some links:

    Some classes:

    Some books:


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      Originally posted by OLChemist
      Here are some links:
      The geocity link was -one- I hadn't found and it filled in the bit that I was missing I think - the metal tube used to hold the pine needles together during stitching AND keep the thickness consistent is what I needed.



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        Gather your needles, dry them out good for awhile. When you go to use them you will soak them in very hot water for 20-30 minutes before using them. You can use thread, but natural rafia looks better.


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          The reason for drying the needles; is do to the fact that they are full of oils, and to prevent the shrinkage. If you were to make a basket with green needles, the stitches would loosen do to the shrinkage of the needles after they had dried.


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