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    Hey guys i'm just start bead work what size beads would you say
    to use. thanks for all your help. Oh one more thing does anyone know where I could find some teal beads. thanks

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    Hi Martin,

    A lot of this depends on what you are beading, how much detail you want, how patient you are etc. Let us know what you are making and we might be able to give you more guidance.
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      I would possibly say size 10 beads to start with although I don't think it quite matterrs what size. It all depends on you.
      To find teal beads there are several places. Noc Bay trading Co.
      Crazy crow trading post. and Shipwreck Beads. just to name a few. Shipwreck has got a large catalog of beads. I have ordered from all 3 places and I like them all
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        I'm doing lazy stitch for my grass dance outfit also a rosetta, roach pins all that good stuff


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          On the grass dance outfit I would use 10's for large areas. On the rosette and roach pin I would go smaller. 11's maybe even 12's.

          I also like to use larger beads farther down my body and smaller towards my head. Give's the illusion that they are all the same size.

          I would also recommend Shipwreck Beads.
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            By the way my other account, alaskashadowwolf, froze up so I have started a new account....thus the new name. but I'm sure it won't take long for me to get back in the swing of things.

            I started with 12's and did a few practice pieces on the loom. I though it was really easy so I switched to 14's and 15's. What a difference in the quality of my work and the length of time it takes to finish a project!!!!!! Now I'm back to the 12's. But it all denpends on what I'm beading. I love beading feathers with the 14's and 15's!! Man they look nice!!!!! But for something like a belt or strips for my leggins I'm gonna use 12's or 13's.

            Otherwise I'd be an old man before I finished my 1st outfit.
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              Teal Beads

              I was just on the Baker Bay site the other day and saw some teal beads. The url is if you want to go check it out. I use size 11 beads, and they'll usually fit over a size 10 glovers needle, by the way.


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