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How you get such big plumes

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  • How you get such big plumes

    I would just like to know how you make plumes so thick and tall? I have several eagle plumes that are around 8inches but they are not thick like most ladies i see wearing these days nor as tall?

    How do you attatch the plumes to your barretts?

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    My plumes are doubled up. There are 4 plumes all together and they are attached to the v shape of a wire hanger with black electrical tape and then a leather piece is sewn over that. There is also a piece of leather tied to each wire and I use this to tie into my hair- not the barrett. This wire allows my plumes to stand tall over my head and because it's actually tied into my hair it won't fall out or wobble.
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      From a big, fluffy eagle! LOL sorry I couldn't resist.

      I don't really like the ones that are TOO big, they look like they are bunny ears or something. But yeah try stacking them up and attaching them to a coathanger, that's basically what I did too.


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        My daughter has one nice tall one; I think it's sufficient, and pretty special since it was gifted to her by an elder. I think too many look gaudy, especially on children.


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          Huny get 2 skewers there usually 12 inches. Leather thread shiney thread also bitten thread. Wrap the plumes around with the button thread or hot glue them. Remember the glue sticks are water have so easy to take off. Anyways glue the plumes around the skewers. Cover the glue with tape and on to that leather add rhinestone banding or thread work.
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