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  • quilting

    Can anyone recommend some material on starting to quilt, this has always interested me a great deal also.

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    I have tried quilting -- not really my thing...........

    But I did find some instruction booklets at the fabric store where you can make a baby sized quilt in a weekend. That was pretty cool.

    It actually took longer than a weekend........but I guess it depends on how dedicated you are to get your project done.

    I started small to see if I would like it.

    I like sewing, too. But the quilting thing just wasn't for me.:p


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      This site has some tips and a ton of free patterns for quilt blocks. I have made a few quilts for my family and found it was fun to do. I break all kinds of quilters 'rules' though. The points on my triangles are not lost- they are hiding in the seams :)


      • #4 has some good stuff on quilting and appliques :)
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