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  • Muzzie
    Making a jingle dress
    by Muzzie
    Hi everyone, I have a question in making a jingle dress. Do i have to work on the design and cones before sewing the dress or what? Do I have to the dress first and then the design. How many dress altogether. How do I do the leggings? If someone would help. The dress is for my little girl. she's th...
    04-15-2003, 12:05 PM
  • millsdrumming
    making a jingle dress
    by millsdrumming
    Well here i go. I have gottem my pattern for my daughter's dress and I am sort of confused. Thiswill be the first time I have made adress from a pattern...well the first time making a dress period. lol
    Well any ways I knowwhat the dress looks like, butin the pattern it talks...
    07-26-2002, 11:30 PM
  • native_bead_queen
    jingle dress designs anyone
    by native_bead_queen
    hey im looking for a way to do my jingle dress. i already have my design but i need a way to hang my jingles and to make the dress. any info please help. my email is [email protected] so you can just email it to me. thank you.
    03-17-2005, 01:22 PM
  • MenomChick88
    Dress making
    by MenomChick88
    Ok when u make ur own dress is it just a shirt and a skirt or is it a whole dress? if its a whole dress do u just make it like a regular dress? (besides the jingles and stuff) theres like no special way for the stiching and stuff?
    (im new to dancing and i want to learn to make my own dress since...
    08-15-2003, 09:33 PM
  • Suzizila
    jingle dress patterns
    by Suzizila
    Hello everyone!

    I am planning on getting a new jingle dress made and need a really good pattern. The Missouri River pattern is ok, but I would like one that looks more up-to-date. Could you give me some ideas.


    09-21-2011, 10:39 AM



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