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  • Help with jingle dress

    Hello, I'm Marcella... and I have a question to whomever willing to help me. My question is I have a three year old daughter and she wants to dance jingle. So, I have decided to make her a dress and I just have one question. Do I put the design and the jingle cones on before sewing the dress together or what? A little bite confuse. Help? My email address; [email protected]

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    Doing the designs and attaching the cones before sewing the dress together will be the easiest. Or you can make the dress open at the sides like a cobbler's apron so your girl has some growing room. Such a dress would just slip on over her head and tie closed at each hip. She could have a plain undrerdress underneath.


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      I agree that the cobbler style dresses are good for little tykes, cuz they grow so fast.

      Whichever way you decide to make it, here's the order in which I put together the dresses I make:

      First do the designs, then the dress construction elements like the collar and/or neckline, zipper (if there is one), and sleeves, etc... Everything, really except sewing down the sides.

      The ribbon that will hold down the jingles should be sewed down with only the bottom edge free. Then you can sew the jingles on last, working from the top down.

      Or if your jingles are already sewn onto a strip of Bias or Ribbon, sew this on last, then sew up the sides, hem, and you're done. is what it is...


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