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i need a new craft supplier

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  • i need a new craft supplier

    I have been using Mintoska for the majority of all my craft supplies and the quality is terrific but lately they have been very slow to ship the products. I am tired of waiting for up to 3 weeks to even have my order shipped. Does anyone have a place that they would recomend for supplies that are easy to place online, good quality (escpecialy things like sweetgrass and sage) and prompt?

    Thank you.
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    I like Buffalo Chips, but they don't do on-line service. But the quality and service is awesome. I always have my stuff within 3 to 5 days. There number is (406) 656-8954. They are located in Billings, MT.
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      craft supplier

      There are two suppliers that I use,

      1. Crazy Crow Trading Post.. They are on-line but do not take on-line orders. All information is available at located in Texas

      2. the second is Grey Owl Indian Crafts at They have an on-line catalog and you can also order on-line and select your method of shipment. They are located in New Jersey.

      I receive my orders from both within 5 to 7 days. The quality from both companies is pretty good and the selection is excellent. What I can not get from one company I can usually get from the other.;)


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        Thank you very much.:D
        one of my favorite quotes:

        "What we do in life.
        Follows us into eternity"



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          you have to be careful with grey owl.. alot of their stuff is imported and their beads are very irregular... odd sizes and shapes.
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            I mostly use Crazy Crow, Noc Bay and Wandering Bull, but here is a list I've accumulated over the years. My main criteria was price, speed, and treating me nice.

            Crazy Crow Trading Post Great variety, good prices

            Noc Bay Trading Company Another good company. Great Lakes region.

            The Wandering Bull Inc. Easy to use online catalogue.

            Matoska Trading Company Extensive Book listing

            Wakeda Trading Post They have things no one else has.

            American Indian Craft Supplies Looks good. I've not used it however.

            Steve Eagles A good catalogue. The site is still under construction.

            Medicine Wind Have not used this one yet.

            Sioux Trading Post Good stuff! Good prices.

            Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply A large bead distributor in Oklahoma

            Baker Bay Bead Company Nice people, good selection.

            Shipwreck Beads When I walked into this store, my jaw dropped. Wow!. Then I found out that this was only the back room! What a selection.

            Feather Source A great collection of hybrid turkey and imitation raptor feathers..

            Centralia Fur and Hide Good prices, good materials. Owner is a nice guy who deals directly with the hunters and harvesters.

            Eidnes Furs Good reputation. I've not used them yet.

            Moscow Hide and Fur Idaho that is. Highly recommended by many I've talked to on the net.

            Claw Antler and Hide Company "Fur all your Critter Parts"

            Suede Shop They sell Ultra-Suede for those who want something that almost looks like sueded leather, can be washed and breaths. Cost is comparable with real clothing weight sueded leather.

            My Potlatch Northwest items.


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              The Beadin' Path from Fargo, ND. They will get you shipment out fast.
              The Beadin' Path
              [email protected]
              Phone # 701.282.4869


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                Noc Bay is pretty good, I worked there for a summer. they do a lot of shipping by UPS or most shipping by UPS. They have pretty reasonable prices too.
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