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What's a good material for a fancy shawl?

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  • What's a good material for a fancy shawl?

    I was just wondering what is a good material for a shawl? You know one that can withstand long use etc...

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    I like using a crepe material that WalMart carries. It's pretty common in other fabric stores as well. It's probably polyester and will last forever.

    What's great about it, is that it flows nicely and doesn't wrinkle much. It's also super easy to fuse designs to and sew. Right now pastel Easter colors are out, but I've found lots of bright and dark solids. is what it is...


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      Thanks! I was in a fabric store yesterday and I saw so many beautiful colours and materials that all thoughts about my black and white colour scheme when out the window lol. I'll look for it and check it out. Thanks again!


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        Don't be too hasty! Black and white as a base look awesome with some bright colors thrown in!! is what it is...


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          I agree with wyo_rose. You can do so many things by mixing and matchign different colors with black and white.
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            Yeah but there was so many colours though! lol But I've decided with black and white with yellow. I was goin to do a medicine wheel theme but I thought the red would be too much. The black/white/yellow is simple yet the yellow adds a little boldness to it. What do you guys think about satin for the skirt? It's expensive but I've been saving up for this so it's not really a problem.


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