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  • barrettes/hairclips

    :Help Anyone out there know where I can get
    blank hair barrettes/hairclips. Looking for all sizes. Sick of
    going in walmart and little craft stores getting a few that don't hold up. :dontknow: :wall:

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!

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    Did you try Crazy Crow???? Never used their hair barrettes but I've seen them in their catalog.

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      Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! knowing that I posted all sizes
      I should have said small size clips used for little kids..
      oops on my part!!!!


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        I depends on what kinda clips you are looking for but you can get that kinda stuff from all over and do not have to order them. I buy clips from Dollar General, Walmart, Joann's Fabric, Hobby Lobby, etc., etc., etc.

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          Thanks, I'll keep looking. Hard to find ones that are about an inch and a half long. Would like to buy bulk, talking wholsale. Larger snap clips are easy to find.

          Thanks again


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            if you want to order them, rather than go to the nearest store. you can order all sorts of barrettes and accessories from Wanderingbull. just visit their website at :!:)


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              Fire Mountain sells the small spring clips which measure 4 cm long which is just over 1.5 inches. You can get these in bulk. The item # is 12-3618FN. Check out You can also search for other jewelry suppliers to compare prices. Good luck!


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                thanks for the advice, i did find a few sites online.

                Thanks again :24:


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