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  • Roach

    Does anyone know where i can get a Porky Roach for under $250 american. i can't find one. i want a 18" roach

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    Depeneds on how fancy (how many colors) you want and if you want deer hair in and out or just on the outside.

    PM Powwowbum49. He make's roaches and is right about your price range.

    Another place that is about your price range is a company called Buffalo Chips in Billings, MT. The owner's name is Thom Meyers. There number is (406) 656-8954.
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      Waketa Trading Post in Sacramento has about 20 roaches in stock. They mostly do mail order and their prices are reasonable. The web site is

      Check them out and tell them the Bead Man sent ya.


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        Sorry I been down with a nasty stomach bug all weekend or I would have chimed in sooner.

        If you want I can send you a price list just email me at [email protected]. Like spottedeagle said the price all depends on how big and elaborate you want your roach. I have been making roaches for over 20 year so I am pretty sure I can hook you up.

        Now as for the suggestion of buying one from Buffalo Chips, "just say No". I know the guys that ties for Mr. Myers and I get more of his roaches sent to me to repair than anyone else's work. He tend cut a lot of 'quality' corners in the roach making process so he can get them out faster to make more money.

        Anyway, good luck in your search and email me know if you are interested.

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