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    Hey again everyone,

    I have another question... what is the best way to store your fans & feathers? I've seen the cases on nocbay & crazy crow, but before I order I'd like to know what are some other methods that work well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I like to use cedar. I think it has some "sacredness", and it keeps the bugs away, too.
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      cedar boxes are one of the best ways to go. when you take your stuff out, they retain the cedar smell. another cheeper way is to get a plastic storage container and some cedar cubes that you'd put in your dresser drawers. wrap your feathers in red or calico cloth along with the cedar cubes to help keep it as air tight as possible. but you don't want it so tight that you'd ruin your feathers. hope this helps.
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        most of my feathers are kept in my cedar box . My plumes I keep sandwiched between two pieces of sturdy cardboard ,with a plastic hairband keeping the two pieces together. As for my flat fan it's way to wide for my box so I keep it in a case designed for large fans that we baught at a pow-wow that actually came from Crazy Crow.
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          Cedar is definitely the way to go it also keeps the critters (moths) away who might want to eat the feathers too ( I've seen it happen, very sad)
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            So what about you guys that make your fan cases out of cardboard? do you line it with something? How do you keep your fan from not moving in there?

            I just taped two pieces of cardboard but when i put my fan in there the fan moved and the tips of the feathers get all ruffled.
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              hey super!!! haven't seen any posts from you in a while. guess i'm in other forums. how's jibby???

              poke four holes in the cardboard. two towards the top of the handle and two towards the bottom. then thread a buckskin thong through each to tie the handle to the cardboard.
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                Hi! :) Thanks for the tips! Jibby's good. She's supposed to make an appearance in Oklahoma in July. *L*
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                  I made myself a case, I used Cardboard "planks" and sewed fabric around them. I used 3, so it could be a trifold. on the center portion, I sewed a pocket as well. only like 2 inches in length and 3 inches wide. I stick the smaller feathers in the pocket to reduce ther risk of losing them, while my larger feathers, I just stick in and fold the 2 "flaps" over. I haven't lost any feathers.
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                    I am currently using a fedex posterboard package, it's actually what my uncle sent my fan feathers in, now, it's about 3" too small for my fan (I created a much bigger fan than most thought I could do). I'm thinking about picking up some cedar from menards, and more or less creating a bi fold box for my fan, since it's almost 2x larger than my largest cedar box, I have no where else for it.

                    If I do this box, I'll be laying out the wood (probably just the 1/8th or 1/4 size) putting the fan on the wood, and marking the basic layout of the fan, and put marks on each side of the handle.

                    What I'll be doing is placing pine, 1" in depth in the spots I marked out (whole peice, just basically cut out the fan and handle) I will then sand all the rough edges out of the interior of this box, glue the pine to the bottom cedar plank (Using gorilla glue, after the wood has freshly been cleaned), then clamp it, and let it set for a day or two.

                    After this, I will be using two types of fasteners. the first, on the pine, near the handle, I will be putting 1/4" O rings, just below where the handle sits, I'll be placing 6 of them, and will thread a peice of leather, much like your shoe laces. When the fan is placed in, and the leather is laced, the fan should be very snug, and not move much.

                    At this point I'll be just about done, but not quite. I'll be drilling 6 1/4" holes, roughly 1/2 - 3/4 in depth around the surface of the lid, into the pine filling. I will then use a 1/4" dowel rod, cut into 1" lenghts, and firmly attach them to the top of the cedar lid, using again, gorilla glue.

                    After it sits again for at least 1 day, I'll put the box together, and sand it all down so the edges are a little rounded (Nothing worse than a squared box nailing you in the head) burn in my design with a woodburner, or a magnafying glass, w/e i can afford at the time, haha..then just stain and seal the outside of the wood.

                    I don't really want something with a handle, otherwise I'd do the fasteners a different way, I also want to point out that the lid won't easily come off, with 6 dowels going 3/4" into it, it'll have to be pulled straight off, and it should actually have a tackey feeling to it, since I won't be finishing the dowels or the holes, so they should stick to eachother a bit.

                    This is a picture of my fan, hopefully posted in the correct format:
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                      I was just gifted my eagle wing. After fixing it up and placing it in the eagle head- bone handle, my fan is over 30 inches in length. My husband's rifle case worked very well for me this weekend. I was also able to fit my kids feathers in with it also.


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                        My friend Charlene gave me the best idea yet. She has her fan handle mounted onto hardware that allows her to unscrew the handle from the base that the feathers are attached to. Otherwise, the fan would be way to big to put in her cedar box. BTW, her cedar box is lined with foam, the kind that is used to store sound equipment, the black stuff. That way, the feathers are pressed, but not smashed, and the cedar scent is allowed to totally circulate in there. Her fan handle is a large beaded handle, so there is a small place to place the handle and keep it protected as well. I like the Trifold idea, though, with the small pockets.
                        If you have a Hobby Lobby or some similar store near you, go there because they have a HUGE assortment of cedar boxes already made, as well as large pieces of cedar and the hardware you would need to make any size cedar box you need, including the stain, and even a black/burned stenciling kit, so you can personalize your cedar box.
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                          well, I had a few feathers that I hadn't had the chance to process yet (wash, and know...) and I had to make a 3.5 hour drive home from my grandparents house.

                          I didn't want to put them in my cedar box with my other feathers (in case the new feathers had mites, etc..)
                          *I took an empty pizza box from the night before, took the thin piece of cardstock from the bottom and put cedar boughs in it and put the feathers on top. I later replaced the cedar boughs with cedar shavings. and they can sit there as long as they need to.
                          the cedar also deters the bugs.

                          ( a very modern and last minute solution. lol)
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                            Originally posted by WocusWoman View Post
                            I was just gifted my eagle wing. After fixing it up and placing it in the eagle head- bone handle, my fan is over 30 inches in length. My husband's rifle case worked very well for me this weekend. I was also able to fit my kids feathers in with it also.
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                              Small sturdy card boards for plums/feathers. Feather case for fans.
                              At home you can put them in a large suitecase to keep up with all of them. Then you won't have so many feather cases/boxes around.
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