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Imitation eagle plumes

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  • Imitation eagle plumes

    is there any chance of anyone being able to post a tutorial of some sort on how to make plumes??? I tried searching for one but i can't seem to find one.
    If you allow the world to change you, only then can you change the world....

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    There's no substitute for Eagle Plumes. Right 'Plumez?
    Something exists.


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      There's actually a tutorial for making hair plumes, along with some other really good tutorials, on Noc Bay Trading Company's website. The link for the plume instructions is...

      Although as Sleeping Bear has so wisely reminded us - there's no substitute for Eagle Plumes, and no question as to why she was voted this website's friendliest member...

      Also, check out walela49's step-by-step instructions somewhere around this site on how to do threadwork for the plume base. She does beautiful work, and she's a good teacher, too.


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        Originally posted by Sleeping Bear View Post
        There's no substitute for Eagle Plumes. Right 'Plumez?
        aayyee you got that rite! Sleepy yout too sweet
        I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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          Originally posted by Sleeping Bear View Post
          There's no substitute for Eagle Plumes. Right 'Plumez?
          I had to read the post like 3 times to finally get it. I know Plumes you are the one and only!!!! I did a search on how to make them and I had no luck. I did read the threadwork tutorial and i did try it at home a while back and i'm getting better at it, it's quite a challenge though when changing threads. But anyway i'll try that nocbay tutorial. Thanks. If anyone finds that tutorial on this site could you post it please?????? Pretty please. Thanx.
          If you allow the world to change you, only then can you change the world....


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