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  • Quillwork

    i am very much interested in getting started on doing some quill work for my next outfit. I have the quills from when i was in South Dakota last year but I just need to know where do I start? Any books/videos that show you how to do it?


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    Quillwork is cool, but finding a good book is very hard. Most I've seen have great pics of finished items, but as for getting started they don't explain things good enough.

    There probably is a video out there that will show things better than a book could illustrate.

    I was fortunate enough to take a class at our cultural center years ago and made quite a few things.

    A few pointers:
    Use the more slender quills and separate them so they're all the same size.
    Liquid Rit dye works great and you can use just enough and save the rest.
    Crib sheeting stretched in an embroidery hoop is a good base for most items.
    If you're doing the "zigzag" method, use two threads, one for each side.
    If you're doing mocs (or other things not stretched in a hoop, allow for some "shrinkage".
    And most of all: WATCH OUT FOR THOSE TIPS. If I ever get my quills out again to make something, I'm taking clippers and getting rid of every tip on every quill!! is what it is...


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      Hi there,

      I'm trying to dye porcupine quills with plant dyes, but so far all my attempts failed miserably. Whatever I try, the quills just won't accept any dye at all.

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      Step one cleaning and dyeing quills
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      Supplies you will need are:

      Porcupinne quills
      Large Rubbermaid storage tote
      Dish soap
      slotted spoon
      Lots of newspaper
      Siv or Staner ( what you use for your noodles)
      Rit dye ( powdered or liquid )
      Large Stock pot
      household cleaner...
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      In a post in the Beading Forum, it is stated that you should not put porky quills in your mouth to soften as they contain a toxin. I have heard this once before, but can find no scientific evidence to support this claim. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.

      One theory I have...
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