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Stone and Iron Vs New Steel Tools

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  • Stone and Iron Vs New Steel Tools

    :) I have found some of the best way to work with many things is to do it the old ways.

    like when i wish to cut and shape shell or pipe stone i tend to use stone tools and iron at time i never found the new steel tools people sell now days to work as well.

    some tell me that its faster yes that may be true but when you look at it you do not see the same grade of work as you get from working with the stone tools.

    you can knap the stone tool you need with all type of patters so when you use it on the pipe stone you can make many types of patters.

    i must say i do not sell any pipes !
    i get ask by many if i sell them i tell them no and they ask why i tell them a pipe is sacred and thats why i feel stone tools are better.

    i even use stone tools with soap stone it works the best of all.
    is there any other flint knappers in the room?

    have a great day :Chatter

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    Originally posted by straightdancerinaz
    Used to knap flint......years ago it seems!!
    you never forget how to do it.

    did you ever get the flint from NY thats black or the white one from out west ?
    i have gotten some from germany but its very hard to work with.
    and i have work with quartz it works hard but is great an hard.


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      i never had to pay for any im lucky i think the stuff i have gotten is from powwow or friends come in back from a trip they bring me the shards or small rocks then i have the fun try in to see the grain and getting that first brake so i can see how good a grade is on the inside of it then i go from there i have use baysalt for some tools but takes for ever to use.
      i like to tell people i do not know any thing about any thing you will be shock how much some people tell you about the stone they get and how they got it lol.

      may be in life its best to tell people that i have even been told by some at the powwow's that they did not do the knapping even when they are show in people arrow heads and say in there people make them then when no one is around they tell you they got it from mexico lol.


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        for got to say i do not collet but seems i get some great old ones gifted to me ill try to post a photo of some so you can see.
        and post some of my tools i make.


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