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  • Roach

    On a roach, does it matter if you have two or one or even no feathers on top of your roach? Does it differ to tribe to tribe?
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    no feather means you have'nt paid your way and entered the circle yet..
    typically one feather is a southern thing and two feathers a northern thing and then two feather rocker spreaders are used by fancy and grass dancers... but I'm sure there are some variations nation to nation.... that's just the general stuff I know.
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      Wow, I never knew that, and I been going to pow wows since I was 4!!! lol, can you believe that?
      Thanks alot...


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        Blackbear is pretty much on the nose. How many that are worn is partly a tribal thing that can be dependent on societies, clans and the like ... but for the most part it is personal preference.

        Primarily straight dancers are the only ones that just wear one feather. Most all other dancers wear 2 feathers in their roach (many straight dancers do as well). I have seen more worn as well but not often. Saw a tradish dancer up north one time that had 2 feathers per socket on his spreader for a total of 4 feathers sticking up out of his roach. I have even seen dancers that had no feathers in their roach. This was mainly on people new to dancing but was also dependent on the style of the roach. Those who wear small round roaches often do not wear feathers sticking out of them. It is partly due to the fact they are often worn well back on the head and odds are greater that the feather could fall out. However, if you ever make it up around HoChunk country you will often see tradish dancers wearing a turban with a small round roach sticking up out of the middle of the turban. I can't recall seeing many of these guys with a roach feather in that round roach.

        I hope you already have a roach and were just using that photo as a reference, but if not let me give you a little advice. That picture is for a kit for a roach made with horse hair...DO NOT buy it. Horse hair roach suck. For gawd sake go with porky hair. Horse hair is extremely susceptible it humidity and will droop right into your face at the slightest sign of moisture in the air. Also the resale value of a horse hair roach aint squat.

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        My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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          No that roach isnt mine...

          Lol, I was using that only as a preference...but that's pretty cool that you could tell it was horse hair, thanks for the advice...


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            I agree i think horsehair arn't as good as porky I just finished a horsehair and am immediatly ordering a porky


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              Hello! I'm sorry, that is not the topic! I really like your forum! Thank you, I'm with you)


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