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    I was wondering if there is any set length for the deer tail like there is for the porky hair. I am starting with the deer but dont want to make it to long or to short it will look funny if it is not right against the porky hair. Anyone have some mesurments for an 18 inch roach. Is the hair the same length all the way around and is it the same for inside row and outside row. I get to start tying tomorrow I am excited.


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      The height of the deer hair is kinda dependant on how long the hair on the tails actually is and how long the guard hair you have is. If you have long guard hair then you can use longer deer hair. On average I would say between 3 to 4 inch is probably as long as you would want to go though, but not shorter than 2". You will either want the deer hair to be even all the way across or to taper from longer in the middle to shorter at the ends, but the most important area to maintain an even height is about 6 inches either side of the center cause that part will be standing up, where as on the sides (going down the tail) the hair will be laid over on itself after the roach is shaped. If you have some tails with long and some with short hair (which is common on deer tails) try to even out the tips and then trim the deer hair at the bottom where it is cut off the tail. I find a break off razor knife (box cutter) to be the easiest way of cutting hair off the tail, but watch your finger tips.

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        Thanks for the great info. I pre cut all the deer sorted it kinda. I brock each tail into 3 parts and cut the hair off with small sharp sissors (no cut fingers LOL) and put the hair in ziplock bags according the 3 sizes of hair. Is 6.5 in or 7 inches better to start the middle of the roach with for the porky. I have seen pics of your and they look so great you are very gifted.


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