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Need ideas for a wolf tail.

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  • Need ideas for a wolf tail.

    I was given a beautiful, white wolf tail by my Mom for an early birthday gift. I'd like to make it part of my traditional regalia. Any ideas on what I could use it for? I look forward to hearing some of your ideas.

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    are you a male or female dancer? what dance style?


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      Male. Traditional.


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        One of the places you could put it, is hang it off one end of your dance stick.
        The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
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          Good idea, but that part of my regalia is complete. I have a hand carved horse staff with mallard duck feathers hanging from it. The horse itself and the feathers have a special meaning to my family and I. I'd rather incorporate the wolf tail in another area. Thanks for your help!


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            i was going to say the dance stick also. ask mom if she might be able to get you a second tail (but one i guess is fine) try tying some feathers and beads or shells or even bells at the base of the tail (where the tail and the but meet) then attach it to or near one of you side tabs. i said two so you can have one one each side, but whatever you choose. hope this helps.

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              You could also connect it to the bottom of your bandolier in the center (if you have one). Which would put it about the center of your side tab.
              The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
              -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                Good ideas. Keep 'em coming!


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                  I'm still looking for ideas.


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                    why not hang it off your belt like a side drop?
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                      A wolf tail can be quite large and might be hard to find a place to use it tastefully as a whole piece. You might consider using the tail in parts.

                      If you do not have your bustle complete or you want a new look you can clip small clumps of hair and whip them or glue them under leather spots to the tips of your feathers. You can use this same technique in many other areas on your outfit as well. If you are wanting to use the thing as a whole piece them you might make a slightly longer rod to attach your bustle trailers too and then hang the tail off one side and something else off the other...or split it into 2 pieces and hang one on each side.

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