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    My daughter is a Fancy Shawl dancer & she wants me to bead her one of those cute 'mini' head bands some other girls are wearing.

    What is used to back these to make sure they stay in place on the top of the head? The ones I've seen don't go all the way from one ear to the next but are small, just maybe from temple to temple and even smaller.

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    Try using the loop side of velcro. You can cut it in any shape, sew in place and it just slides on, grabs well and stays in a new trick I great!


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      I used some of that, and it had the sticky side , I liked it cause I carefully placed it where I wanted it and tehn for goot measure sewd along the edges and as I did do I add'd the decerative trim.
      I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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        Thx 4 the tips, who'da thought it would be that easy?!


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