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    My son, Joseph has shown an interest in the drums. We have taken him to a couple of powwows so far and all he wants to do is watch the drummers. My question is, my husband and I would like to make him one, for his 2nd birthday (July 7th 2003). We have no idea where to begin and the ones I looked at online where way to expensive. So far Joseph has used his little plasic pool as a subsitute. He turns it over and sits in his little lawn chair, sings and beats his pool with a piece of wood trim. So please if any one has any great Ideas..let me know.:)

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    Try looking for Tarahumara drums

    Here are a few sites that sell Tarahumara drums. These are drums made by a Mexican tribe primarily for sale here in the states and they are probably the cheapest you will find pricewise. They are well suited for a child to play around on and build their skill and interest.

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      Thanks Powwowbum, those prices are awesome!!!! Might have to get my little one a drum, he's been beating on everything in the house since before he was a year old.
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        Drums reply

        Hey thanks for the great info. These sites are great. I will pass all of this information on to my husband.


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          first of all how old is he?
          if he is very young...try this.worked for our grandbaby....and he still loves it....
          go to a pet store, find large rawhide cew toy..about 5..00
          then find a hardware store you can buy wooden flower pots (they come in round and octagon shapes) i usually get the ones that are 2-4 inches thick and 10-12 inches around soak the raw hide over night, when completly wet cut your lacing saving just enough to over lap one face of the pot generally 2 inches all around take a hole punch and make even spaced holes around raw hide lace it crossing over opposite side of pot, let have no more than 15.00 in a drum....that looks..sounds.....good...i have had friends want em...and after he grows up....makes a nice keep sake..:)


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            drum idea

            :) Thanks for the GREAT IDEA! I think we will try this one. Our son will be two on July 7th, so this was Just in time.


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              kewl.....will also be something he might want to decorate in the years to come and you wont have mega bucks in it either.......any more help with stretching or anything let me know....i have become quite good at


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