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  • fan problem

    okay heres the jist i ordered some bronze turkey tail feathers from nocbay and got i think it was 3/16 ,well same size or dowel rods they use for fan kits in nocbay and crazycrow,...well heres the problem they dont fit...i cliped the and try my hardest to fit them but too big and they dont get any smaller at jo ann fabrics... so is there a place where i can order smaller than 3/16 dowels from? or what should i do? im tryin gto make a tail fan-rebecca

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    What about using 'balloon rods'? I think that is what they are called. They are hollow tubes, like straws, but the plastic is thick. You can usually get them at party stores, or companies like Oriental Trading, and such. That's what is used to extend feathers on a lot of bustles. You might be able to fit the feather inside the tube instead of the dowel inside the feather. I think someone posted they found some extender tubes at a hardware store, too. I think it was a topic on Fancy Bustle design that mentioned it.
    I hope that helps.


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      You can get dowel rods as small as 1/16 at any Wal-Mart or hardware store. Or try bamboo skewers that you can get at the grocery store or Wal-Mart.


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        Bamboo skewers come in several size so you have to shop around but they are really cheap (price wise). They are also very strong too.

        Another thing you might consider is to sand the dowels you have down a bit. Just sand the dowel to a tapered shape the length you need and then use a razor and split the bbottom/back side of the quill. Then soak that quill in hot water to soften it. Place some wood glue on the tip of the dowel and then run it up inside the quill. If the quill spreads open over it ... fine, you just take some split down sinew and tightly whip it down to the dowel. At this point let the whole thing dry for the night and you are ready to start shingling and doing threadwork over the extension.

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          thanks for the help i gratefully appreciate it..


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