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HELP for backing beadwork

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  • spottedeagle
    I assume you are talking about a beaded choker, not one made of hairpipe.
    You can use diaper pad, buckskin, or canvas for your backing depending on what you like. I'd probally suggest diaper pad, because it's softer and more flexible.

    From the way it sounds, your choker is loom beaded.???

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  • eveningz_rain
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  • eveningz_rain
    started a topic HELP for backing beadwork

    HELP for backing beadwork


    what im doing here i started on making a choker and my problem is that i dont know how to put a backing on and what or how do i do the edges for a finished piece:(
    im a beginner when it comes to beading so can someone please help me !!!!!!!

    thanx email me or yeah so thanks peoplezzz

    eveningzzzzarial 10

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