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  • Threadwork..

    well heres a interesting topic for discussion "threadwork"
    Can someone explain in step by step for all of us who never been taught that particular craft themselves in lingo we all understand?
    One thing to discuss is how to do threadwork on fans (feather themselves)..and how to do designs...Rebecca

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    I call them "feather sticks" to decorate the front or back side of the feathers.

    I use the flat wooden coffee sticks for my base and wrap black nylon beading thread around the stick. I also lay 3 dyed porcupine quills, lengthwise to the stick, raising up the 1st and 3rd quills or the 2nd quill to create designs.

    The black thread can look like black horsehair which used to be used.

    Or you can use just different colors of thread to create different bands of color.

    Once the stick is finished, i will either glue the stick to the feather's quill (using a very little amount of glue) or tie 2 or 3 threads around the stick and pass them through the webbing of the feather right next to the quill.

    I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

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