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    Hello Everyone,

    To all those out there who may be able to help me listen up.....

    what is a reasonable price for a fully beaded pair of men's moccasins, size 11 1/2? I am looking for a good sturdy pair that will last a good while. Can anyone give me any leads as to where to look or who to contact. Thanks a bunch.


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    It really depends, what size are the beads, how complex are the patterns. A good pair with size 12'0 beads will run around any where from $150 to $300. It also depends on who is making them. Sometimes you might pay more or less.
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      Umm I am not sure if this will help, but I bought a pair of moccs at Minnetonka, they have really great stuff and mine have lasted thru horseback riding... chasing the horse thru a field cause some idiot(me) left the gate open.....hehe but they are good, or there is someone named Gary Whit Deer, actually I think he owns the Minnetonka store around here. But see if that doesnt work.
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        SDS, You can check w/Brenda, Dorothy (Schirra's wife) or even JoAnn (that did Keith's beaded outfit). I can get you all three's numbers if you need them.
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          I've seen some sell for $150-$200. However, a good custom-made pair of mocs will run you $300-$350.


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