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  • OLChemist
    I have tried the German tanned hides. I gather these deer that are farm raised and they are huge. I needed super big hides, and they were and are the best option. However, I was far from thrilled with the quality of the hides.

    The hides I got had many small, but quite visible hard spots. I was told they were bug bites. (They must have some giant ticks over there.) It took a lot of exchanges and careful planning to make use of these hides. And you'd hit hard spots while sewing and it would take a pile driver to get the needle through the hide. In nearly thirty years I've never snapped a glovers needle off in buckskin. I killed eight of them sewing up one side of the dress.

    These also shed like mad. I ran them though the drier on air fluff to blow off some of the fuzzies. (If you use drier sheets, don't do this.) After cutting the fringe, it still looked like it had snowed in my studio and I had some funky stalagmites hanging from the ceiling fan.

    Do stretch them before use. They have some give and have been packaged folded, so they have set in wrinkles.

    Honestly, despite being fairly unhappy with them, I'll probably buy them again -- tho' from someone else. But, next time I do a dress, I'll go with some nice brain tan. If I'm going to spend a few years beading a yoke, the expense is worth it.

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  • eap7
    started a topic Best Buckskin?

    Best Buckskin?

    What is the best buckskin to use for a buckskin dress? Where do you get your buckskin from? In looking through the archives, some people recommended german tanned hides from Crazy Crow, while others thought they stretched out too much. Has anyone tried these? Suggestions? Thanks!!

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