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  • Feathers

    a friend of mine gave me a ton of turkey feathers an ummm feet ! I asked mom how to dry them out an stuff an she went ewwwwww ummmmmmm, never did that before . Well I have them in salt an borax but they still dont look like they are making any progress an my neighbors love me even more now!!!!!!! LOL .
    They are beautiful feathers tail an all ... Wings ...they didnt cut the meat part off of the wing ..a friend of mine said just wing it ...well I am an dont think this winging it is gonna work an I would hate to mess these up they are beautiful .. maybe this was part turkey part beauty pagent bird.... thanks in advance
    Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
    Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!

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    My advice is pluck the feathers from the meat and skin. You're gonna have to do this anyway before you make anything.
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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      thanks very much . Guess I be shocking the neighbors just a bit more ..Hope their hearts can take it. LOL :D :Angel:
      Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
      Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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