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  • tail fan

    does anybody know where i can get an eagletail fan
    or where to get eagle feathers
    hey babe

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    Tail Fan

    :D Good question...I've been on the hunt for blacktips and plumes FOREVER......I would just about kill for a good Fan.
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      Re: Tail Fan

      Originally posted by Dat1NdnGuy
      I would just about kill for a good Fan.
      DANG dude! Finally the truth comes out! j/k:p
      SHAKE IT!!!!


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        fans,,, i make them

        i make all types of fans... i usually use macaw feathers but i got tail and wing fans also... email me at [email protected]


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          chasin those tails

          On the Aleutian Islands are hundreds of bald eagles. the federal goverment brought in rats during the war and the eagles have flurished out there. tail feathers abound. the catch is the plane ticket out there is $1000. round trip, just from Anchorage AK. you can get aboard a ferry boat from homer to UnAlaska (on the chain) for about $500. round trip. the trip takes a week. the boat stops in several towns along the way and is a great ride. most Alaskans haven't done this trip. I have. it is awesome.
          what was the question, i kid, later beckie
          may peace and light surround you


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            I forgot

            Haines Alaska. it is on the hyway system
            you know the road kind. eagles gather there in fall to feast on salmon runs. nesting trees all around. you do have to spend some time in the rain looking but it does pay off. beckie
            may peace and light surround you


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