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  • cleaning plumes

    hi, this is a first time post for daughter no longer dances but she has 2 plumes she is is hawk and the othe eagle...both need to be cleaned due to dust and being in storage, how do i clean them?..And her eagle plume is now slightly bent at the top...any ideas on how to get it to stand straight up again?
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    hand wash your plume in warm water and a little dab of baby takes lots of dunking and rubbing to get em wet, then it's like washing hair....rinse and blot with paper towels to remove most of the water, then blow dry them with a hot hair dryer...they'll puff up really well!!

    if the bent tip is just slightly bent, then you can crimp it back the other way by gently pinching it in the opposite direction with your fingernail..

    if it's badly bent and won't stand up on its own or completely broken off, you'll need to glue it...take about a half inch beading needle or monofilament and dip it in glue...stick half of it down center of the broken quill...then "thread" the tip of the feather down on the other half of the needle sticking up...the needle "hides" inside your repaired quill

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      Ok...wash the plumes in Woolite. It works better than anything else because it is used for soft fabrics and what not. When you are done washing them, let them set for about 30 minutes to airdry and then use a fan or hairdryer to complete the drying process. If you wanna fluff them...I mean really fluff them up...put baby powder on them and shake until all the powder is off the plumes. It doubles them in size...and makes them smell goot. LOL...anytime you feel they need to be 'fluffed' feel free to put more baby powder on and shake it all out. BAM...clean purdy plumes.


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        that baby powder trick is a good one to know! Thanks!!!
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          ya i jus recently used baby powder on my girls plumes ... dang they all nice and fluffy ... and they seem whiter too LOL

          thanks for that tip ... and they smell sooooo good too LOL
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            was at a big dance this month and saw soo many really puffed up plumes mine are not that puffy, are the ones I saw real, are the multiples put to tog? I was amazed at how full they looked very pretty. Or were they ostrich or turkey plumes? really curious


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