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What kind of Ribbon do you use?

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  • What kind of Ribbon do you use?

    I am making a shawl with 1/8 ribbon fringe. I purchased my ribbon at Wal-Mart. It is the polyester kind. However I have seen softer and silkier ribbon. Could I get by with the Wal-Mart ribbon or should I use the softer ribbon?

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    that ribbon is wife used to use it a lot on her shawls and it is cheap, just mind you that it has a break in period ...depends on how much its used i guess but it will loose its memory and get quite soft.
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      not sure where my wife gets hers but it comes on giant spools, way more than I have ever seen walmart carry....
      and speaking of i noticed a bunch of walmarts seem to be closing out their fabric areas this year. very upsetting.


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        hey guys thanks for the comments. I did feel the difference in the ribbon from walmart and from a craft store that has a different kind. Since I already started the shawl I will finish it with the walmart ribbon. I can always go back later and change out the ribbon. I did find a beautiful bridal ribbon online that sells from 1/8 to 4 in ribbon. It is reasonably priced. So I may order that for my next shawl. Thanks again!


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          My family uses 3/8" single face satin ribbon on fancy shawl and grass outfits. We like it because it moves well and stands up to lots of washing. I buy it in 100 yard spools so I don't have to worry about changes in dye lots.


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