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  • Bandolier Bag Questions

    I was hoping some people could help to give me some general information about Eastern Woodlands bandolier bags. I wanted to know if typically there are average sizes for the bag and the width of the band.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    And any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Toooooooooooo easy!

    NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

    take a long look!
    Have a great weekend!!
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      Cool, thanks! I appreciate it!


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        You might try taking a look at Martha Berry's website. She does really awesome work...........and I believe she sales the patterns for bandolier bags on her site. She definetly knows her craft!!
        Good luck!

        Martha Berry: Cherokee Beadwork Artist


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          "eastern woodlands" covers a huge area. There are literally dozens of bandolier bag styles in that region over time. Can you give us an idea of a more specific region or tribe and a time frame? That will help us give you the best information.


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            To be tribally specific, I'm going to make one for my brother in our tribal style, that being Lenape. And as far as time period, I have no preference. It can be a little tough finding Lenape crafts, so I'll pretty much take what I can get. That's why I didn't specify tribe. I've found pictures of Lenape bandolier bags, but I was looking for general measurements that I could go off of, and then from that make it look like Lenape bags.

            Again, thanks in advance for any tips and help!!!


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