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  • Help with regalia.

    I need help making my daughter a fancy shawl regalia. My aunt has always made the regalias in my family but she passed away last year. I have a big fam but no one has the ability she had. I made the shawl and the dress but I need help with the materials to use for the details. I can do the beadwork and the design but I am not sure about the material for the leggins and a few other things.

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    There is a tutorial for ribbonwork that you can look up that may lead you in the right direction for the designs on the shawl and the dress. As far as the leggings I have seen most dancers with beaded leggings, but you can also use ribbonwork.
    If you have the shawl and the dress completed then you are well on your way to conquer the rest. If still available look at the regalia your aunt completed to get an understanding.


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      You could make the first pair of leggings out of ribbonwork or cloth applique so your daughter will have something to wear while you work on making a beaded pair.

      If doing cloth or fully beaded leggings, I would use canvas/duck cloth as the base. Just make sure you pre-shrink it first and bind the edges with bias tape to prevent fraying. If beading, you can bead directly onto the canvas (add a stabilizer or paper to the back side for more stability if you need it) and then give it a lining when finished. For cloth leggings, use iron-on adhesive to apply your background fabric and then the design pieces on top. You need to zigzag stitch around the edges of all the design pieces. That's the general process I use. See other threads and tutorials on ribbonwork or applique for more info. I find that the canvas with a backing applied with iron-on adhesive gives enough stiffness for the leggings to not slouch.


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        Good advice, Czechy.

        I would just clarify that if beading, put the bias tape on the edge FIRST.

        If doing ribbon work or cloth applique, then put the bias tape on AFTER the design. That way if the design goes to the edge, it's covered. is what it is...


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          Thanks everyone!


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            Lumbee22...If you're in the Charlotte area, go to the Metrolina office. (I believe that's the name of the NDN center there). Ask for Letha Deese. Her daughter used to dance fancy years ago. Maybe the center could put you in touch with someone local who could help you.

            Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

            "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

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              For some reason this comment posted twice
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                Sounds like you've gotten some real good advice here. If you still need any help, send me an email from our website and I'll try to help you.

                I'm always happy to hear when people are trying to make regalia themselves. It's sooo important to learn these things from your relatives while they can still teach you! I can't begin to count the times we've heard "my auntie/mother/grampa tried to teach me when I was younger but I didn't pay any attention". I'm fortunate to have known so many of my friends aunties & grannies & grampas, who willing to teach me to how make clothes for their families. They were happy to break open their cedar chests & dig into the back of their closets to teach me how to dress their family after they were gone, since nobody in their family was learning. Spend time with your relatives (or your friend's relatives) while they're still alive, and learn while they're still able to teach you something! An elderly man who was totally blind was able to teach me a great deal, pulling pieces out of his closet and explaining them to me, as his elders had explained to him long ago. Okay, stepping off of my soapbox now...
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                  Wado Janet.
                  By the way you are the greatest resource.


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