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    Has anyone created a myspace page specifically for their beadwork/sewing/regalia/whatever business? I don't do enough business to really justify spending a lot of money on a full website so this seems like a good idea just as a place to send people to look at my work. What do you all think? Most people have Myspace or know someone who does so I think it should work fairly well. Let me know your opinions, here is the link: - Pink Dragonfly Creations - 24 - Female - MOUNT STERLING, Kentucky -

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    I haven't seen any that actually sell beadwork/sewing/regalia but there are several like boutique/ I think that myspace would be an good way to go and get your work out there....I've thought about doing a business type page myself, because I make and sell hairbows. You can even go to paypal and have a link or button for purchase to be put on your myspace page. I think myspace is a great way to network and to get your work to be seen by several. So good luck with that!
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      My MySpace page is devoted to my side business as a


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        I got one just to host pics. Photobucket wouldnt work for me.
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          Advertise wherever you can.

          My understanding is that most of the audience you will reach through MySpace are the younger crowd. But sure, why not? Put a link in there to photos of your work. But don't make that your one and only advertising venue. There are a lot of older folks not familiar with MySpace and you'll want your primary portfolio on a site that everyone can easily find.

          If you have an eBay account, you could put up a profile (About Me page) and include links there.

          Many email providers often allow for personal web pages that are free. MSN and Yahoo and others offer this.


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            We have a myspace page for our Ribbon shirts & Dresses
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