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  • colored thread

    anyone know where you get that colored thread used on peytoe fans???
    Ohenton Kariwahtekwen

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    I know most people (including me) use the Sulky thread that they have at some Wal-Mart store, Joanne's, Hancock, etc. It is on little long tube spools, not the regular thick spools. You can get it in TONS of colors and even stuff like glow in the dark and metallic/holographic threads that are like foil.


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      cool, i'll check it out. thanks
      Ohenton Kariwahtekwen


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        Check out the Gudebrod threads used for "tying" fishing rods. It is not super expensive and I have been able to find it at Academy. There is a thread they make that does not require the use of a preservative (to keep the thread color from fading), but I don't know if it would be that big of a deal if used on a fan.


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          HOLY MOSES that thread is EXPENSIVE!!! 5 bucks a spool, and that's at wal-mart!!!
          Ohenton Kariwahtekwen


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            I have used rayon thread made by coats and clark. You can find it at JoAnn Fabric, it runs....$3 - $4 a spool for 200 yards of the 40 weight. Like TCUMonster said Godebrod thread is another one that is used quiet a bit. If I remember right spools of that run $2 - $4 a spool for the 100 yard spools of size D.

            If you are like me, I buy a few at a time, getting the most popular colors first, then adding to the collection over time
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              Yup, go to your local sporting goods store, such as "Sportman's Warehouse" and shop in their fly-fishing dept. They have hundreds of types and colors to choose from.


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                Yeah I'd suggest fly tying thread. You can get it at a sporting goods store or on ebay!


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