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porky roach ?

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  • rodond
    has he done any kind of craft work before bead work quellwork etc what style of dance is he interested in i know tieing a roach is not a project i would try to do

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  • Kamama
    started a topic porky roach ?

    porky roach ?

    Hey all,
    Has anyone tried the porky roach kit from crazy crow? This one Economy Porky Roach Kit- Natural White Deer Tails: Crazy Crow Trading Post ? Im thinking of getting it for my brother for Christmas, as he has expressed an interest in getting one - he has just recently begun to show an interest in the Native side of our blood-line, and I am hoping that if I can help him with this, that maybe he will begin to want to learn more, but I dont want to get him a roach that is going to look cheaply made or "hokie". So, Im looking for input and opinions on this particular roach kit. I dont know anything about how to put them together, and he lives all the way in California, and I am way over here on the East Coast, so, theres no way I could help him put it together even if I did know how. So, what do you think? Thanks!

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