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materials to use for leggings

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  • materials to use for leggings

    What are the best materials to use to make beaded leggings with? And, where can I get these materials?

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    region / tribe / time period?
    Ohenton Kariwahtekwen


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      For women's leggings?
      If you are going to fully bead them duck cloth or any other heavy, tight woven canvas is an excellent medium. This is generally available at any fabric store- JoAnn's, Hancock etc...
      If you aren't going to fully bead them you can go with either a nice wool or buckskin.


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        Lap-pad, generally from the baby isle. Bead, use thin plastic or canvas in center, and back with cloth fabric. Complete by edging with bias tape or leather, add ties.


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          mine got layers. Broadcloth on the outside with heavy interface or denim on the inside (if not beaded then I match the outside to the regalia), edge in bias, add zipper when done beading.


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