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  • womens leggings size

    I'm making a ladies outfit for a trading post and was wondering what was a general size to make. I'm a little on the heavy side (too much fry bread) so making my size will be too big, So could you respond with your sizes (calves, ankle, length) and I'll take an average.

    I know everyone is different and there are some very petite dancers out there, but I'd still like to know.


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    Well, since your not asking for my waist size sure.
    calf: 12 6/8th inch
    ankle: 8 6/8 th inch
    length: 15 inches
    bottom of knee (I always measure around the leg at the bottom of the knee when doing leggings): 12 3/8 th inch

    to aide in the process my daughters is
    calf: 13 inch (more muscle then me)
    ankle: 8 4/8 th
    length: 16 1/8 th
    bottom of knee: 12 3/8 th
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      its tricky to find leggins' that fit dancers solid muscley legs
      Even have trouble finding good knee highs sox

      14.5 Bottom of knee
      17 widest part of calf
      9.5 ankles
      13 length


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        If you are wanting like a small-medium-large size you can use a standard pattern for women's PJ's.


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          Originally posted by legalstraight View Post
          If you are wanting like a small-medium-large size you can use a standard pattern for women's PJ's.
          wouldn't that make them kinda loose and shapeless?


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            Calf 13
            Ankle 8 3/4
            Length 11 3/4


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              Thanks All!!!

              Looks like I'm gonna make 13 1/2 at the top and 9 1/2 at the bottom and 14" tall. I'm gonna cut an arc at the back for the heel and in the front for the arch. I read on another thread about the same questions, but there was one lady that said to attach a piece of elastic to the back of the leggins, sewing down both ends to make a loop then slip your foot and leg through the elastic. it keeps the leggin in place and doesn't bind too tight.




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