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  • leather

    does anyone know how to get the "fuzz" of leather? the hide i just got sheds like a dog.
    Ohenton Kariwahtekwen

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    are you wanting to remove all the hair or just the stuff falling out?


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      oh no, this isn't a hair on hide. it's leather, already tanned and there's "fuzz." don't know what else to call it. if i'm cutting something from it, i have to lint roll my shirt and pants because it shed all over me.
      Ohenton Kariwahtekwen


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        hmm, i haven't had that problem much, i'd say 2 thing, one try to cut it with sharper scizzors, and possible roll the lint brush over the entire thing, because its sounds to me like your refering to the leather kinda creating fuzzy bits of it everywhere...

        i'll ask pete to talk over here as well he can probably help better then i can


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          The fuzz is from the action of the chemical and cutting implements used during tanning. Some hides shed like the dickens at first. I cut fringe for a dress last summer and my studio looked like it had been hit by a snow storm.

          If -- and only if -- you haven't used dryer sheets in your dryer, run the hide through on air fluff (no heat). Failing that, clean the nozzle of your dust buster, stretch the hide, and carefully vacuum. Going over the hide with a very soft baby brush will help dislodge the fuzz.


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            thanks guys, i'll try some things and see what happens.
            Ohenton Kariwahtekwen


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