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roach glue?

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  • roach glue?

    i was given roach that has glue on it i was wondering what its for?

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    It's for to wear on your head!

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
      It's for to wear on your head!
      true but why would the maker would put glue on the base and the hair were its stiched on


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        The glue is right where the hair attaches to the base?
        It is a commercially made roach. To keep prices down and crank 'em out some folks will use glue rather than tieing the roach. It will work fine, just dont leave it in the car in sun during the summer- I have heard of them oozing a bit.


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          yea glued roaches are a sign of someone who either don't know how to tie, or someone who was in a hurry, or something commercial. Ive never seen a glued one in person, doubt I'd want too.


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            it is tied and stiched on but the glue is kinda like there in on the base it looks like hot glue but is sticky like bubble gum i woul like to know if i could ever get it off with out messing up the hair the porkey hair is realy thick and well tied but the inside row of deer hair is comeing loseish its good for now but will need help in a year or to i think its from crazy crow its 10 or 12 years old


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              If it is glued then it is commercial. If it was from Crazy Crow it should be one of Dennis Hawkeye Hawkins roaches but it does not sound like it. First of all he hated to use any glue on his roaches so he and his wife went out of their way trying to minimize the appearance of glue. Furthermore I understand they used a black adhesive so it would not look like hot glue. Hard to say without seeing it in person.

              As far as being able to take the glue off... I have not Idea without seeing it but typically this is a bad idea. If I were you I might talk with a roach maker to see what can be done with it. They can usually tell if it can be fixed or needs to be rebuilt. Good luck!


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                I had a guy once tell my that it was rubber so it wouldn't slide around on your head. I nearly died laughing!

                I have seen the glued roaches, and some are not that bad looking. The hair it tied very well on the once I have seen. Don't know about how they hold up though.


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                  Ok guys Fat Albert is the grand prize winner here. If the roach has what appears to be glue at the base of the hair then odds are well over 95% that it is one of Hawkeye's roaches and it was probably orginally sold by him or Crazy Crow (though Hawkeye also sold roaches to other venders including Grey Owl from the east coast). There is nothing tied in the roaches he made this way. The rows of hair were bent over a cord and then it was vulcanized (which is kinda like hot rubber cement). Odds are you will never be able to remove the 'glue' and more over if you do all the hair will fall off the roach. There pretty much is no way of changing this roach in much of any kind of manner. My suggestion is that if you feel that the glue makes it unusable...then give it to someone that will use it the way it is. Otherwise enjoy the gift you were given and dance it with pride cause someone thought enough of you to give you such a gift.

                  On a side note...This was a process that Hawkeye came up with to mass produce roaches and there are thousands of roaches out there made this way. He used to do over 40 roaches a month like this and he made them for around 20 years this way.

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                    I am new to roach making and I don't use any glue on my roach's. I am working on a eastern style turkey beard roach now and then have 2 porky roach's to make before Memorial day weekend. Hope everone has a great season this year


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