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  • Beading leggings...

    i know this would be time consuming to explain to me but can someone explian to me step by step process of making fully beaded pair of cousin has one pair made from crib liner and she uses bugle beads for base color and 2 other colors dunno which size of beads for design..
    i know for materials you need
    crib liner
    fox braid or something like it
    2 medium zippers
    what kind of thread should i use? meaning size?
    what size of beads to use?
    my moccasins are made from braintan and i know to use french seed beads, so would i need to use same size and type of beads as used on the moccasins?-becca

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  • hummy
    In need for some nothern buckskin advice!!!!!!
    by hummy
    I was gifted a northern buckskin.It wasn't beaded just plain.Im having trouble Trying to figure out my design.I have my colors already.Does the cowl have to be fully beaded or just half? Also I Dont know how many kilos of beads to get.I need enough to bead my leggings mocs And hair Clips and ties.How...
    09-10-2005, 03:40 AM
  • nativedancer5
    edge beading
    by nativedancer5
    okay I just finished my first sequin project and need to add the buchskin backing and edge beading. I have never beaded before so I need to know how to edge bead all help will be great.
    11-04-2006, 05:04 PM
  • otoefawfawgirl
    Learning how to bead
    by otoefawfawgirl
    Hey all,
    I was just wondering if anyone knew of places online that teach you how to bead. I want to start beading my own leggings, boots, and jewelry for a buckskin dress I'm getting. I'm moving away from home, so I thought the internet would be the best way to go about learning.
    If anyone...
    08-18-2010, 02:54 PM
  • Broken Arrow
    How many beads in rows for lazy stitch?
    by Broken Arrow
    WD's personal recommendation is

    Consider a pattern which will require 11,13,15,17,19 or 21 beads.
    All rows seven beads that is two rows of seven beads for an 11 or 13 bead pattern and three rows for a 15,17,19 or 21 bead pattern?

    Than there...
    05-16-2017, 01:01 PM
  • spottedeagle
    What size beads do you use????
    by spottedeagle
    Just curious what size beads everyone uses on most of their work. I'm thinking about ordering some 13/0 Charlottes to use on my own beadwork. But I've been using alot of 12/0 seed beads lately.
    05-16-2003, 08:07 AM



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