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Sealing fabric that's been painted?

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  • Sealing fabric that's been painted?

    My husband has an awesome vest that some of the guys he works with in the Pen painted for him! They did 2 eagles a bear and 2 turtles!

    It is the most gorgeous painting I've ever seen in my life!

    Question: What product can I use to seal the painting on the canvass without damaging the artwork or causing it to run? I believe the paint they used is an acrylic. We're wanting it to be waterproof as well.

    Please help! He won't wear it until it's been sealed with a protectant!

    I will try to scan the paintings - they are so life like and detailed! You won't believe your eyes!

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    ScotchGard works and CampDry too! I used it on my canvas purse and my daughter spilled some soda down the side of it, not a trace of stain let alone being wet!

    I use CampDry on lots of things I want waterproof. But be super careful with acrylic paintings on fabric, I don't care how careful you are, they will crack and peel with time! The more flexible the material to begin with, the faster it'll crack! I used to paint T-shirts all the time, till I realized this problem, then switched to nearly a water color style painting done with the acrylics then iron that to set it! Better paintings and they last longer and everyone wants to know how I managed to watercolor them! :)

    Another trick I learned (From Girl Scout Leader Camp no less) there are INKs you can buy that you can paint on fabric with, and then iron or use a blow dryer on then they are set, then soak them in salt water (one tsp per gal) then wash in reg washer. Unfortunatly for me to get the inks means a trip to Nashville and finding the one store that has them ...... meaning a one whole day trip.
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      I did'nt have that problem with my denim jacket... just that what I painted on it was so neat it was stolen (sigh)

      I used and acrylic sealer on it. You can get them at walmart I believe, but if you have a michael's crafts or a Joanne's Fabrics, I would ask them to show you what they have and let them know what it is for. My experience with walmart is that anyone works back there in crafts and half of them have no idea what you or they themselves are talking about....
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        Thanks ladies !

        Yeah BB - I totally agree with ya on the walmart thing - most of them haven't a clue about the department they work in!

        I will take my vest -oops My HUBBY'S - vest with me to Michael's and see what they recommend!

        Thanks Tsin - I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I ask them to paint one for me!


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          yeppers BlackBear cant have anything to cool someone will want it for freeeeeeeee...grrrrrrrrr... Yeah Micheals is a good place but here again make sure you get someone that knows what they are talking about . Also try there site with tips an tricks . Hobby Lobby use to have a site for that too. An Paint Works magazine had one at one time , I use to paint allot before I re discovered beads (lol) its all Black Bears fault ..hehe ...all I can say is Caution Caution ...the work is priceless to you so take your time an test something other than that vest first eh!
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